Talent & Advanced Talents

Extended Point Blank or thematic name: Touch of Death.

On page 167 of the Hollow Earth Expedition core book the rules for point blank range are noted under the “range” box. It states: Pistols provide an additional bonus die when used at point blank range. Rifles are designed for long distance and suffer a penalty die to use them up close. Shotguns have no modifier at point blank range as their damage rating already takes their effective range into account.

Point Blank range is considered less than 5 feet.

With recent action movies  like The Raid or the John Wick films playing up the close and personal action style players may wish for their characters to be able to emulate that sort of fighting style.

Extended Point Blank

Prerequisites: Specialization pistols

                Your character is highly proficient at shooting pistols at close range, and he knows where to shoot to inflict significant damage.

                Benefit: Your character’s point blank range is 10 feet or less. At 5 feet or less they gain +2 bonus dice to their pistols. Between 5-10 feet your character gains one additional bonus die to their pistols (this does not stack with the +2 dice for shooting at 5 feet or less).

                Normal: Your character’s point blank range is five feet or less and pistols provide an additional bonus die when used at point blank range.


                Advanced: You may purchase this Talent twice.  The second time it increases your point blank range to 15 feet or less. The 0-5 ft range gains +3 bonus die, the 5-10ft gains +2 bonus die, and the 10-15ft gains +1 bonus die.